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    Don't know if this has been posted already, but I just noticed that GetSnus is now carrying Discreet snus at.99 cents a pouch. Hello All New Here.
    Search this forum only Also since it's been awhile since this thread started, anybody know of . good stateside GetSnus distributor (originally operated by Swedish . I am in the discreet user crowd. Maybe I will check out the several good tobacconists in town to see what they have available to them.
    The only SNUS available in my small neck of the woods is Camel, and it's the only brand I've tried. I've really Search this forum only. Display results as threads Does the package come ' discreetly ' labeled? Here are your two options for purchasing snus: Northerner/ Getsnus or Buysnus/Snuscentral.

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    That way, if anybody says, Hey, can you give me a hand? I have a portion under my lip as I type this. Contact Us Cigarette Reviews Top.

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    Unboxing a package of some tobacco and snus

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    I did enjoy the Ettan Loose, but the portions had to be white for me. I found a way around the throat burn which is to just spit for the first five or ten minutes, and then afterwards it doesn't seem to juice at all and develops a really nice meld of flavors. But Getsnus is just dumb. First world problems, I guess. Deleted by a moderator,.