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    Google bing cheating copying search results

    google bing cheating copying search results

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    SAN FRANCISCO — Google on Tuesday accused Microsoft's Bing search engine of copying its results, after running an elaborate “sting”.
    An anonymous reader writes " Google has run a sting operation that it says proves Bing has been watching what people search for on Google...

    Google bing cheating copying search results - - travel easy

    Well, the article suggests that there is more to it than just mere copying. I hope DuckDuckGo figures out a way to capitalize on this brouhaha... Yes, they wanted the news to be out before the Bing event happened — an event that Google is participating in. I think you made your point, although I think MS did a good job neutralizing it too. Everyone in search does this.
    google bing cheating copying search results

    This seems fine to me. User data gets them there faster and more reliably than a hypothetical competing crawler using only e. Are Bing scraping your results from the page or only tracking their users clicks? How is that any different from what Bing's doing? FYI Android started before iPhone was released. It may be unethical and I may personally hate it, but almost everyone is doing it. Give us feedback in our Product Forums. And adult chat houston what I use a search engine for is getting by far the best results possible. Was this all planned to happen? As mentioned in the article, what Bing is doing is analogous to copying Google's "exam," which by any reasonable standard is wrong, even if a "proctor" didn't specifically state this rule. There are browser toolbars that aren't spyware? They are similar in that they both are big touchscreens with no physical keyboard. We will never spam you!

    Flying cheap: Google bing cheating copying search results

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    • TOS… we all know they could add that you sell the soul and the virginity of your mother in there, no one would read it. Bing decided to use what users click on as a signal. Apparently, Bing's toolbar analyzes page content coupled with user click behavior as one of the inputs to its search ranking.

    Google bing cheating copying search results - travel cheap

    Search giant plants test to catch out Microsoft rival — but is it the Bing sting that didn't ding? You can also setup a "Google sting" to prove they are copying from the Internet. Now MS always had a shady track record, but I thought recently the company got a lot better. If they had the best search engine, Bing could come close, but never overcome Google by just copying part of it. The takeaway is that Bing's toolbar is spyware" And also that you can control search results in Bing. And, if you ask me, places an even higher obligation on the actors to behave ethically, lest trust completely evaporates and the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.

    google bing cheating copying search results